Happy Anniversary to me?

So I joined wordpress one year ago today. Happy Birthday little blog.

I started off strong, with regular blogs but definitely tailed off and got distracted, probably by a nice telly programme. But what have I been up to in actual life?


I have created a duet with Hannah Pickett that I am proud of. We have performed ALL THIS TALK twice and it definitely has the potential to develop further, we just need a spot of time and cash (those very old chestnuts). We had some lovely feedback at the two events we performed at, the BDN PRESENTS… scratch event in July and the MOTUS dance scratch event in October.
See below for more photos from this event.

maypole lr

In April I did a wonderful week’s residency at Halsway Manor in Somerset, learning folk dance and performing some gorgeous folk-contemporary works with emerging artists Daisy Farris and Zoe Francis, along with course leaders Clare Parker and Kerry Fletcher. It’s definitely something I’d like to pick up again, but sadly the old men with beards stereotype has slightly hampered its popularity and so classes are rather scarce. The beards though, Brighton? You know you’d love it.

2014 was a brilliant year for seeing dance, courtesy of a new position as a dance reviewer for bachtrack.com. Particular highlights were watching Les SlovaKs: Opening Night, which was so unashamedly joyful I ended up in tears and whooping at the end. Another excellent experience was watching the legendary Louise Lecavalier perform So Bluethe first work she has fully choreographed. My GOD, that woman can do a good headstand.


Another exciting thing I’ve been up to is learning Acroyoga. Taught in Brighton by the lovely Eugene and Pip, I’ve never had so much fun on a Friday night. And I am learning to do real handstands, not just the go-upside-down-and-hope type that I learnt when I was four. Turns out learning the proper technique for something ACTUALLY WORKS! Incredible. If this sounds exciting, check them out on facebook.

So, 2015, what have you got in store?

I’ll get back to you on that one, hopefully sooner than in a year’s time. In the meantime, if you got to the end of this rather self-indulgent post, thanks!

Happy New Year and Happy New Dancing.


One thought on “Happy Anniversary to me?

  1. Made me a little tearful reading this particularly thinking of you doing handstands on the lawn when you were four (probably in wellies!) lots of love Mumxxxxxxx

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